8 am Registration / Breakfast
9 am Workshop: Designing for Student Success
By Invitation Only
Facilitated by the Center for Civic Innovation, this session will lead participants through a design-thinking workshop that will instruct them on the Journey Mapping process. Participants will then break out into teams for an Ideation Session and will use the Journey Mapping process to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement in a student’s cradle-to-career experience. Teams will report on their findings and the group will discuss ways in which STE(A)M education can help improve student success.
12 noon Lunch
1 pm Registration [Workshop attendees + additional guests welcome].
1:45 pm Panel Discussion 1: Integrating Art + Design into STEM Education to Create STE(A)M
3:15 pm Panel Discussion 2: Building Partnerships to Facilitate the Continuum of Learning
4:30 pm Reception
The 2015 Atlanta Symposium:
Integrating Art + Design into STEM Education

Both private and public sectors report that 21st-century workers require skills that many graduates don’t have. Students need more in-depth knowledge of math and science, plus the ability to integrate and apply that knowledge to solve the challenges facing our nation.

The organizers of this symposium believe that today’s innovation economy demands something more than what is found in the foundations of STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Creative inquiry, imagination and curiosity are inherent in Art + Design education. Integrating these skills into STEM edcuation (changing STEM to STE(A)M) will help transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.

This symposium is a one day workshop exploring issues like:

  • Transforming STEM to STE(A)M education.
  • Integrating Project-Based Learning.
  • How do we inspire and enable today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators?
  • How can we connect across the learning continuum to support change?

Join Atlanta’s change-makers in creating a shared vision for student success in our community.
The conversation begins with you.

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